Hi All VK-DMR Network users.

There are a few new users that have some TG (Talk Groups) set wrong.

If you have a simplex hotspot, you can still use both TS 1 & TS 2, but only use (RX) 1 time slot (TS) at a time until that TS passes the setting you have for hold of the TS.

Go to the IPSC2 Hotspot Server, and click on the Service button on the Left hand side of your screen, and scroll down to your callsign. If you see a brown (Tan) colour in your line you have an error in your Hotspot configuration for connection to the VK-DMR IPSC2 Server.

You need to set this in your configuration setup:

Startref=4000; RelinkTime=15; UserLink=1_1=9; TS1_1=5; TS1_2=x0008; TS1_3=3809; TS2_1=505; TS2_2=380x

The small x for TS1_2=x0008 is the regional TG 8 you want to connect to, as follows:

10008                    VK7

20008                    VK2 City & Nth

30008                    VK1 & VK2 Goulburn & Yass

40008                    VK3 Region Shepparton

50008                    VK3 Melbourne Region

60008                    VK4 Brisbane and South and North

70008                    VK4 FNQ

80008                    VK5 Region

90008                    VK6 Region

For the TS2_2=380x, x is the state (call area) you are in.

Peter Brennan